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Very small jar.

I didn't realize that it would be such a small amount of ointment. Purchased this for a rather large burn. Will see if this helps.

Le pot est très petit

Le produit est de qualité mais le pot est vraiment mini du coup cela revient assez cher


Reçu très rapidement, très bien emballé.J'ai essayé les 2 mais je préfère hemorrelax qui je trouve calme très rapidement pour ma part.J'ai souhaité acheter le lot car plus avantageux que d'acheter séparément.

¡¡Que si, que esta FUNCIONA!!

He probado todo tipo de cremas, naturales y no tan "naturales". Nada, ninguna pasaba del alivio temporal. Esta crema no solo alivia y no ensucia, sino que tras unas dos semanas de uso, casi me ha reducido la maldita h.. a cero. Lo que si ha reducido del todo es la molestia. La aplico dos veces al día. Cierto es que el envase es pequeño y el precio "intermedio", pero basta aplicar una pequeña cantidad por lo que dura mucho.

Bye bye dermatitis

Tras estar 3 meses con dermatitis atópica en diferentes partes de la cara y probar distintas cremas... ¡Por fín he dado con una que funciona!En 1 semana me ha rebajado las ronchitas a un 95% y estoy deseando ver como evolucionan a lo largo de un par de semanas más.Si tenéis piel atópica, seca o con tendencia a irritarse, os la recomiendo al 100%. Si no sois alérgicos a sus ingredientes, no perdéis nada en probarla.¡Yo estoy súuuuuuper encantada!

Effective yea tree ointment

This tea tree balm is effective. I have applied a thin layer my finger with eczema and my finger immediately was not itchy. This eczema tortured me a lot and I tried several creams but they didn’t work well. Also it is good for reliving the acne my face. Nice balm with refreshing tea tree flavor. 40ml is not big size but still can last quite a long time. Highly recommend.

Tea tree oil ointment

Lovely ive never used a tea tree ointment before always just use the oil but this is lovely and soothing with the usual distinct smell of lovely tea tree.So soft and calming the skin easy to spread a little goes a long way.Plenty in the pot at a decent price.Quality product. Well packed with a decent shelf life 04/2023.Highly recommend. Thank you

Works Well Itchy Bites

Something bit me to pieces the other day. I think a mosquito. The bites were my neck and driving me mad. I used some of this ointment and the relief was almost instant. That would be the Tea Tree oil. The remaining ingredients moisturise and feed the skin. It looks just like Beeswax and Olive oil combined, melts at the touch of a finger and smooths easily, going a long way. The pot is absolutely filled to the brim with the ointment and it will last ages. That is just as well as it is not exactly cheap. I like the fact all the ingredients are natural but the pot is plastic, so not environment friendly. A nice glass pot with a metal lid would make all the difference and make it better value. However, the product is great.

Ich liebe den Geruch 🥰

Ich habe diese Creme zum ersten Mal gekauft. Sie soll gut für trockene Haut sein und auch gegen Herpes helfen.Ob sie gegen zweiteres Hilft werde ich nach längerer Zeit nochmal schreiben.Aber gegen trockene Haut oder auch zum feuchtbekommen trockener Stellen ist sie sehr gut.Sie ist härter von der Konsistenz aber mit etwas Geduld kann man sie so exakter dosieren.Die kleine Dose ist handlich und passt ohne probleme in die Handtasche.Es ist auch keine Schummelpackung sondern sie ist bis zum Rand gefüllt.Sobald meine Leer ist kaufe ich sie wieder

Great for cuts and grazes but a bit too expensive

I’ve used this brand of product before, and they are very nice. I always have tea tree in the house but as an essential oil so I was very interested to use it as a lotiinstead.I use it for any scratches which I frequently get from the thorns in the hedges when I’m filling up the bird feeders and it’s ideal for that. I had reasto use it recently and it was lovely to put some the scratch, knowing the tea tree was antibacterial and the vaseline effect meant that the lotiwas easily absorbed but also provided a sort of barrier to the cut.It’s lovely lotibut I think £15.99 is quite expensive for only 40ml, but it depends how much you use and how often, for me it will hopefully last at least 3-6 months. The bottom of the container has a best before date but no info shelf life once opened but suspect with tea tree in it it should last quite a long time.I can recommend this product for its effectiveness and natural ingredients but not based the current price.

All Natural Vegetarian Tea Tree Balm

This 40g solid waxy balm from BenePura brand is made in Bulgaria using olive oil, plantain, sumac, coconut oil, Shea butter, beeswax, jojoba seed oil, tea tree leaf oil and limonene combined essential oils. It smells nice of tea tree and a little citronella scent and it’s very oily, so a little goes a long way when applying. I’m currently trying it out a spot break out and although oily, it doesn’t seem to irritate my skin though I can feel a little warmth, but I have sensitive skin. I have yet to try it my eczema as it’s not flared up this winter but will update this review when it does in the warmer months ahead, I got it mainly to test it out spots with it being a tea tree balm. Although only 40 ml it should last ages as you really don’t need much. It’s preservative free, handmade and 100% natural. It’s also approved by the vegetarian society. It has a long use by date of over 2 years and with its convenient size it’s easy to pop into a handbag when needed. Please see my photos, including the instructions and ingredients. I hope my honest review is helpful to you, thank you for reading it.

Natural anti-itch cream

If you are not sure whether you will be allergic, you can do a small test your skin first. I like its smell, it's strong and non-pungent, and it is easy to spread. Its anti-itch effect is not immediate, because tea tree oil has anti-bacterial effect, and it is a natural herbal ointment, it will slowly relieve itching when applied.

Excellent quality

Excellent quality product, perfect size for your backpack, great sent and consistency. Ingredients are impressive and applicatiis very easy. Just a great product.

Very healing

I’ve been using this on burns, bruises and cuts. It glides onto my skin and absorbs quickly. I feel like it deeply penetrates into the layers of my skin and promotes healing. There is a very mild, natural scent. The lid screws on to keep any dirt out completely. I’m happy I have this on hand!

Amazing Stuff

Bought this for an itchy part of ‘intimate skin’ (!) - apparently of the many ‘gifts’ that menopause brings, the drop in oestrogen can also cause all mucous membranes to dry out and become irritated. This brought immediate relief.Then my young son had a weird rash which left doctors flummoxed. It was a small patch on his hip which just would.not.go with all of the traditional things and other creams we had tried, and we had tried pretty much everything. The rash was so very itchy and sore. But the first application of this brought immediate relief from the itch, and within a week or so of using this regularly, it was all but disappeared.Mentioned it to my parents and thought it could help with a weird similar rash my father had that was itchy, sore etc. which he had been dressing with various lotions and potions… and similarly it brought an immediate stop to the itch, and cleared it up within a short space of time.I have since bought myself a set of tiny pots so I could decant some of this cream into them to keep with me in various bags and first-aid kits, so I would never be without it - as I’ve found it’s great on bites, small grazes and stings too.

Speedy results!

This is an amazing product for Hemorrhoids. I have suffered from Hemorrhoids for many years with absolutely no relief from any doctors prescriptions. I started using it and 2 days the haemorrhoid wasn’t as soar and the swelling went down a little. I kept using it, after a week, it had gone down quite a lot, then coming up to like the second week it was basically gone, so far so good not had any problems since and it’s been nearly a month. No flare ups as of yet.

Definitely helps me to deal with the pain and discomfort, but didn't cure it.

This BenePura hemorrhoids ointment/cream arrived packed in 2 nice tins-40ml each.It looks yellow, hard, waxy and oily but when taken out of the box with heat from hands it become soft.Both creams contain 100% of natural ingredients and herbs.They smell gentle and nice of herbs.I found them easy to use/apply.I'm using these ointments twice a day for about 2 weeks now.I'm must say they help and relieve pain significantly, but didn't take the problem away yet. Ointment also does not eases the pain immediately, but shootes discomfort with time.I'm still using these creams, so hopefully with the time results would be even better.Definitely helps me to deal with the pain and discomfort, but didn't cure it. I found it very expensive priced at £27.99 for 2 little tins.

Soothing Natural Ointments To Provide Relief, That Won't Be An Embarrassment If Left Out In Bathroom

I got the double pack after having tried the major brands of creams, ointments and suppositories and though this isn't a miracle cure, I was pleased with what it does. I think that BenePura have done a very good job on the design of the packaging and they don't draw attention or look horrendous (or embarrassing) if left out in the bathroom.Both ointments are yellow and waxy in appearance, though when you do go to apply they are much softer than I was expecting. The all natural ingredients smell pretty good in the plastic tubs, (you can definitely smell the tea tree oil), and I found a little goes a long way.They recommend the Yarrow during the day and the Hemorrelax at nighttime, after obviously cleaning the area prior to using both. On application there is an initial slight tingling sensation and that soft waxy feeling soon feels a bit "oily" but but that there is a soothing relief and I found I wasn't that irritated or in pain. I was aware I had applied it but no more than using other ointments/creams in that area. As I only have dark coloured underwear, I can't really comment on the possibility of the product staining, but I haven't had any issues with mine.Has it helped? Yes it has... a bit. It certainly hasn't cured things but what it does do is ease any discomfort or itchiness that can occur and it does that almost as soon as either ointments have been applied I think using these along with the other recommended hemorrhoid tips (fibre, not sitting for too long etc) does make the horror of hemorrhoids more bearable but as always, if you are suffering continuously and worried or in major pain, please seek a medical advice.


Really nice healing ointments.Natural herbal ingredients that feel lovely and relieving on the skin.Smell lovely and work as supposed to.Plenty in the jar and 18month shelf life once opened. Well packed.Very expensive. Recommend. Thank you

Rich cream all ok so far

You receive 2 tins of cream each in individual branded box, the cream is texture of Vaseline but has lovely scent and is good to know all natural ingredients.I ordered this for my daughter who has suffered with piles since birth of my granddaughter last year, she has been use this cream daily for last 2weeks and says it does offer some relief and is very soothing but as only has slight discomfort at moment can’t vouch for effectiveness during flare up.Although Ive never been tempted to use Anusol on my skin I have tried the yarrow cream on very dry and cracked skin on my lower legs and it soothes and helps stops itching as well as been moisturising so is multi use cream.I do think a little expensive but they are all natural ingredients so would recommend